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 Potluck Productions Readings: February REading 

Join us for our next Potluck Sunday Reading at the Yoga Patch

Sunday, February 9, 3:00 pm


This month's 90-minute show will feature four short plays about events that evolve in strange and surprising ways.  

This month's plays:

  • In Washing the Car by Robin Byars, Cory, a high school student, is preparing for his date to the prom. Mom Hope is worried that he will engage in sex, likely for the first time, without proper protection. But rather than explaining her concerns outright, she wraps her warnings in odd but amusing metaphors. How will young Cory respond to her strange incantations?


  • In Wrinkle Ranch by Debra Cole, we are reminded that “Birds do it, bees do it,” yet we wonder why old people don’t do it, meaning experience the joy and passion of sex. The playwright attempts to debunk the erroneous but all-too-common assumption that the elderly either are physically incapable of engaging in sexual activity or have simply lost interest in it. Not true, at least according to this hilarious little play, where three senior ladies in an assisted living facility miss it so much that they hatch an absurd plan to get it.


  • In Ending the Streak by Debra Cole, two women in a package shipping store lovingly discuss their adult daughters when they are interrupted by a so-called high-class woman who, metaphorically, consumes all the air in the room. Although she rudely flaunts her wealth and entitlement, the other two “ordinary” women aren’t impressed and boldly oppose her idea for improving the world.


  • In Missing Selkie by Glendora Davis, Jack, a dashing American entrepreneur, is smitten with Annabelle, the mysterious woman who recently sold him her pub in Scotland. He asks Annabelle to stay and help him revive the failing old pub, and doesn’t understand her reluctance in this enchanting interpretation of a popular Scottish folk tale.


Directed by Mary Beth Gordon

Audience members will be invited to remain after the show for a short feedback session, where they will be able share with playwrights comments about these often never-performed-before plays.


All plays written by area women, and all scripts performed via dramatic readings by seasoned actors.


$5 at the door

We hope you'll join us once again to support live, local theatre in Kansas City


There is plenty of parking at the Yoga Patch, on the street, and across the street behind Sutherlands.

Potluck Producers: Glendora Davis, Mary Beth Gordon, Joyce Slater, Lezlie Revelle Zucker.

Potluck Productions is a local organization that showcases scripts written by area women playwrights.

Publicity image: Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay 

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